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Hotmail Customer Service Number

Hotmail is basically the official web mailing service by the Microsoft company. With the development of the various devices as well as the software the company also develops the official account that also provides the web mailing service. So in case an user uses the microsoft device then he have to first of all go for the creation of the official account that is named as the outlook and along with this account you also get the access to the mailing service that was initially named as the hotmail but now it is famous among the users by the name of the

The moment users register for the outlook account they get the login credentials for the  hotmail service. Now when you start using this service then you come to know that sometimes it also creates the issues for the users.  You can deal with all the form of issues with the help of the Hotmail Technical Support.

Number Of  Issues Faced By The Users While Using The Hotmail Service :-

  • The issue of the outlook or the hotmail is down  for hours.
  • The issue of the forgot password of the hotmail account.
  • Hotmail account is not responding properly
  • Issue with the sending or the receiving of the mails in the hotmail.

So among all the issues that are mentioned above, one of the most important issue that really bothers the users to the great extend is the service not working. So it is often noticed that the outlook and the hotmail goes down for hours and then all the things of the users that are linked to those account stops. So in case of this issue the first thing to do is to check whether the Microsoft is aware about this issue or not. So it is the duty of the user to to tell the company about the issue. And that is done by contacting the hotmail customer service. By contacting the person form this team they will certainly guide you about the various steps that you can simply follow yourself in order to resolve this issue.

Steps To Troubleshoot The Issue Of  Hotmail Service Down Explained!

  • In order to be sure about where the real problem is you have to simply visit the service status page of the company i.e the microsoft service status.
  • By going to that page you can easily figure out whether the problem is with the or not.
  • Here one thing to note is that everything is right from their side then the issue is most probably on to your network and most probably in your network,now in case the problem is with the company then you have to take few steps to let them know this thing.
  • So for that you have to simply visit the office 365 service status page in order to see the service of the
  • When you reach this page then if you are able to see a green check mark under the current status column then it says that there is nothing wrong with the service by the company.
  • You also need to check for few more things like whether the service is just down for you or for everyone, you can check for the down detector.
  • Now you need to perform few troubleshooting actions if you see a green tick mark but still face problems with the service.
  • Then you simply have to close down your browser followed by reopening it.
  • After that you have to simply clear all the browser cache to resolve the issues.
  • After that you have to try to disable the antivirus protection.
  • Some other things that you can try is to flush the DNS cache.
  • Followed by restarting the browser as well as the router.

Easy Steps For The Hotmail Password Recovery/Reset:-

  • For the purpose of the recovery of the password of the hotmail account you have to simply go to the official page of the hotmail account.
  • And then you have to move forward to the password rest page.
  • After that you need to tap on  the next button.
  • Followed by entering the email address that you may have used when you have created the Microsoft account.
  • Here it is to note that it could be any mail address of your choice or any email address that ends in the
  • After reaching this step you have to type the verification code in to the required field followed by resetting a new password for yourself.
  • Once you are done with the setting of the password then you have to tap on the save button followed by login to the hotmail account with the help of the new password that you have set for yourself.

So this is one of the simply way to change the password but just in case you want to go by some other method then you are always free to follow that procedure but you need to know the steps  that are required for that purpose. In order to know those steps you can simply try to give the call on the Hotmail Helpline Phone Number. You will get the right from of knowledge by calling on this number and that too without wasting much time of yours.
Get Help From Toll Free Number +1(888)-326-5888

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